Sunday, January 6, 2013

happy weekend!

I had a few action items on my list for the weekend...

  • make reservations for mag's birthday party
  • send out invitations for said party
  • order and pick up paint for the kitchen
  • paint kitchen if my darling husband had them patched and primed
  • brainstorm ideas with mags for her science fair project
After everything had been checked off (except the painting because the priming didn't happen this weekend) I played with some Echo Park Springtime paper from my stash.  I needed a birthday card and a thank you card.  I came across the instructions for a folded card when I was throwing away some old magazines...

first the birthday card for a friend...there is a little tag on the right that when pulled out says "may your day be filled with sweet surprises.

and I tied it up with a piece of twine to make fitting it into the envelop a little easier.

The second card is for my ed assistant who makes my job so much easier and just makes being at work better.

That is it for my scrapping action this weekend so far.  
Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous week!


Sherine said...

Super Cute....and way more fun than painting the kitchen :)

Sandy Ang said...

fantastic your stepper cards !