Saturday, October 23, 2010

speaking of boo baskets

mags and I love to is a halloween tradition...this year we made baskets from LYB halloween paper left over from last year...and you know I love getting rid of some old stash to make way for some new! you have to be sneaky...and if you leave the basket for someone that knows of no other scrappy people but you it won't be a surprise!
this year we put in some pencils, erasers, pumpkin bubbles, spider rings, fangs and (of course) some candy...and some instructions in case they want to turn around and boo someone else.

boo baskets

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Kimberly said...

why didn't you boo me?! ;-) it's nice that you do that. i wish i had it in me to feel do those things right now. maybe i should just quit whining and get off my ass. ya think?