Saturday, March 6, 2010

You've been sick...what?? seems like I have been sick for 3 weeks. You know why it feels that way? because I have been sick for that long...I'm so tired of blowing my only salvation has been vicks infused puffs...I should buy stock in procter and gamble.

I have 3 LOs to share!

First up is a LO I created for the Studio Calico sketch challenge 2/21...a bunch of pics of mags on the day we celebrated her her fabulous outfit.

studio calico

Next is a LO for the Studio Calico sketch challenge 2/ of mags in the snow...yes! we had snow!

studio calico

And finally a LO for a lift is my LO of mags at a breakfast at tiffany's birthday party

studio calico

I lifted gluestickgirls LO wish.

Thanks for stopping by...have a great week!


Jennifer Yates said...

man...even when you are sick you still ROCK!!! :) LOVE your layout and I'm so glad you are feeling better!! :)

Gloria said...

Hi Leah, hope you are feeling better now...I love your blog, your layouts are amazing!!! Your blog is going directly to my favorites. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I appreciate it;)

*reyanna* said...

Ack, I hate sicknesses that drag on... and on... and on. So glad you're on the mend! Yay!

And these layouts are BEAUTIFUL! Man, I love your style! Just so fab! :-D